Students spent spring break sharing community, clean water, and the Gospel in Guatemala.

Warner Pacific University sophomore Natalie Siquina didn’t hesitate when a friend encouraged her to join the mission trip to Guatemala, organized by Christian nonprofit Filter of Hope.

“Without knowing anyone or anything, I said yes because when I was younger, I used to care about going around the world and helping people in need,” Siquina said. This was the second time Siquina has gone on a mission trip, the first was to El Salvador.

Filter of Hope distributes and installs water filters for people who live in areas without access to clean water.

Siquina estimates about 70 people altogether joined the trip to Pasaco, Jutiapa, including four WPU students.

“It was a very great experience to share the Gospel and provide clean water through the filters,” she said. “We would hang around the camp and get to meet other missionaries from other universities and high schools and the translators. We got to share and create a bond.”

WPU junior Richie Bailey said it was a very humbling experience.

“Seeing people from different walks of life to me, made me more grateful for the things I have,” Bailey said. “And they were so loving. They cherished relationships. They had the richness in relationships with each other.”

Siquina appreciated the fact they were family oriented.

“Many of the families were very welcoming,” she said. “A lot of materialistic things wouldn’t matter to them, as long as we have health and are with our family, we’re blessed.”

Sequina’s parents, who are from Guatemala, supported her with prayers during this trip.

“During this mission trip, it really made me realize how much Jesus loves us,” she said, “He came to earth to serve us. I feel like going on this mission trip made me feel the love of Jesus. People who didn’t believe in Jesus gave their life to Christ when we went to their homes. That’s very special to me.”

This was the first time Bailey had been on a mission trip, and he said he would like to do more once he graduates.

“Being able to provide families with clean water was amazing,” Bailey said.